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the mythos clima pro is an on demand grinder dedicated to coffee specialists and enthusiasts alike. building on the mythos basic, nuova simonelli’s designers went to the drawing board with professional baristas, to solve some of the largest issues facing coffee shops. together they came up with the mythos clima pro.

built-in tamper

the mythos plus is our solution to inconsistent tamping pressure. giving the barista the ability to quickly and consistently tamp coffee grinds insures high productivity with amazing results. to use it a barista simply grinders the coffee and presses down the lever till it clicks. this signifies that the optimal pressure has been achieved.


while being a basic model this machine is anything but that. having the ability to grinder coffee quickly on demand with almost no holdback makes this one of our premium grinders. not to mention the three programmable dosage options, on and off dosage mode, and a barista mode, that comes standard on all models.

dimensions WxHxD202 x 518 x 416mm
power550W (variable speed) 300W (fixed speed)
bean hopper capacity2kg
grinding adjustmentmicrometric
productivity (kg/h)15
gross weight24,5kg/54.01lb (variable speed) 23,5kg/51,8lb (fixed speed)
net weight (empty)21,9kg/48.28lb 21kg/46,9lb (fixed speed)

temperature controlled burrs

the mythos clima pro comes standard with both a heating a cooling system. this system allows the grinder to not only dose more consistently but it also means the barista isn’t required to adjust the grind throughout the day. leading to a savings of coffee both in the morning and during the purging process throughout the day.

titanium burrs 75mm

this grinder comes standard with titanium burrs which last 2x as long as normal burrs. allowing the ability to grind up to 3500 pounds of coffee before requiring replacement.

led illuminated work space

leds around the grinder light the workspace, giving the barista full visibility of the grinds even in a dark room.

micrometric grind adjustment

with micrometric grind adjustment the barista can adjust the grind to the smallest of adjustments at any point in the process of grinding.

clump crusher tech

this technology make sure that ever dose is clump free and delivers that fluffy evenly distributed coffee

multi-function lcd display

using this lcd display the barista can adjust the dose, put the grinder into a number of barista modes, and lock the grinder so the settings can’t be changed.

portafilter holder

this grinder is capable of holding the portafilter while it is dosing, meaning that the barista can operate other equipment during the grinding process.

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