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since 1932, anfim has been a mainstay of traditional italian espresso preparation. from their home in milan, they manufacture espresso grinders as an expression of love for the technical complexity and artistry of espresso preparation.
the anfim product portfolio features espresso grinders for a range of performance requirements, from modest to fast-paced daily workloads and everything in between. they meet the most specific demands of quality-conscious baristas with uncomplicated functionality and aroma-saving grinding to deliver the best in performance and flavour.
anfim range of espresso grinders delivers the classic italian experience for espresso service and enjoyment to baristas and coffee shops worldwide.

ditting is the world’s most trusted producer of high-volume retail coffee grinders, flat burrs, and built-in components. their doors first opened in 1928, and they haven’t stopped working for roasters, retailers and labs since. they set out to engineer the most precise, reliable, and hard-working grinders in the industry. today, their customers report that their decades-old ditting grinders are still running, passed down through generations. ditting’s legacy of long-lasting grinders and enduring performance is something they’re deeply proud of, and they’re committed to maintaining it through continued innovation and excellence in engineering.

eureka is a leading company in designing and manufacturing modern and elegant coffee grinders since 1920 founded in florence by aurelio conti, the company started its activity as manufacturer of grinders for espresso and quickly became a symbol of excellence. nowadays, thanks to its international and dynamic attitude, eureka aims to become the most innovative company in the coffee grinder industry: the “state of the art” in grinding technique for any type of coffee preparation.
eureka’s mission is to provide an impeccable service, being always careful to the customer needs, through competitive products which combine design, technology and innovation. all this without renouncing to a 100% “made in florence” product, entirely hand-assembled in their florentine factory: where industrial organization is melded to artisanal knowledge with wise mastery.

founded in 1927 by giuseppe and bruno bambi, la marzocco had its beginnings in florence, italy, birthplace of the italian renaissance and home to such geniuses as leonardo da vinci, michelangelo and brunelleschi who created some of the most celebrated works of art in the world. it seems only fitting that la marzocco would earn a world renown reputation for making beautiful, high quality, superbly crafted and uniquely designed espresso machines, with great attention to detail.


as with all great origin stories, modbar starts with two bandmates in a basement. in the early 2000s, corey waldron, guitarist by night, was working as a barista and roaster when he started thinking about the disconnect between drink production and drink consumption. as a barista, he understood the craft going into each drink, but didn’t feel it always translated to the customer standing on the other side of a big countertop machine.

corey’s initial thinking, combined with bassist aric forbing’s experience as a machine pattern engineer, soon turned into a brand new way to design an espresso machine, with the inner workings tucked neatly under the counter.

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nuova simonelli is an italian company with experience and tradition going back many years. it has been making espresso machines, which it exports all over the world, since 1936.

today, nuova simonelli can boast a vast range of products that are able to meet the requirements of the hospitality trade, right across the board.

company investments into r&d and the development of new solutions have brought important recognition: world barista championship, compasso d’oro for design innovation, the first ergonomic machine and cutting-edge applications.

their mission is to continue with investments into research, design, training and assistance, so that they can play their part in your success. nuova simonelli: expressly for you.

pentair is one of the largest water filtration, water treatment and beverage dispensing equipment manufacturers for the global foodservice industry.

their core foodservice brands include everpure water treatment and filtration systems, and shurflo beverage pumps and backroom accessories.
pentair foodservice products are found throughout the catering and hospitality  industries. our everpure filtration and water treatment systems ensure that the water for your coffee or tea tastes great, and our range of shurflo beverage pumps provide reliable dispense solutions from cellar to bar.
pentair water treatment brands are recognised throughout the foodservice industry for their quality, reliability and innovation.

they have manufacturing and distribution centres throughout the world and are committed to ensuring every glass of water you serve is safe, clean and crystal clear.

their dedication to providing you with effective, smart solutions is evident in all their products, from the unique everpure ‘claris’ five-in-one softening and water treatment cartridge to their 600 gallon/day mrs reverse osmosis system. they lead the industry with products that perform under the most demanding conditions.

whatever your water filtration needs, trust everpure to deliver a sparkling clear solution. 

introducing the puqpress – precision automatic coffee tamper – available to cafes, coffee roasters, equipment wholesalers and distributors the unparalleled engineering and state-of-the-art design of puqpress ensures perfectly compressed coffee grounds and a precisely level tamp, every time – and its precision technology provides a consistent tamping experience for every espresso based beverage served in your cafe. a revolution is happening in the coffee industry, and puqpress is leading the way as one of the fastest growing barista tools in the world.

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